Research fields:

There are four main research divisions within the department and research is performed in close cooperation with local industry as well as international partners.

Electrical Energy Systems

Design electrical transmission systems, large-scale electrical machinery and high-power electronic converters. Find out how to generate power from renewable resources and design battery-powered vehicles.

Electronics & Electromagnetics

Become familiar with elementary electrical components, transistors, integrated circuits, computer circuitry and power electronics. Specialise in microwave, superconducting or ultra-high speed electronics.

Computers &

Learn how to design and build digital systems and microcomputers to control almost any appliance, from automatic irrigation systems to, or to point camera systems from satellites to target areas on the ground.

Signal Processing & Machine Learning

Signals include speech, radio waves and television images -they are literally everywhere! Study signals’ behaviour and use computers to process them. You will also learn how to create mathematical aids to understand these.