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Welcome to the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering forms part of the Faculty of Engineering at Stellenbosch University. For shortcuts to the information you may be interested in, see the gateways to the bottom-right of this page. Otherwise, simply browse our site to see more about the latest offerings of – and happenings at – this dynamic department.

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Come and study E&E engineering

Not only is our campus one of the most beautiful, but studying at our department can lead you to a vast number of lucrative career opportunities, with our graduates in demand in almost every sector of the economy. Our department has won numerous international awards and have produced world-renowned engineers.


Focus on high-level computer science and software systems. This branch will also give you a solid foundation in computers and data.


Here you can learn all about electric motors, generation of power, renewable energy, control of energy and computer-controlled power management.


This is where mechanics meets electronics – one of the most exciting fields! It covers the design of robot vehicles, unmanned aeroplanes and satellites.


What would the world be without communication? This branch focuses on high-frequency techniques and the transmission of data.

Do your postgraduate studies with us

The postgraduate activity in the Department is the biggest engineering research activity in South Africa and offers students access to very advanced laboratories and facilities. We welcome prospective postgraduate students from all over the world. There are four main research divisions within the department and research is performed in close cooperation with local industry as well as international partners.

Electrical Energy Systems

Design electrical transmission systems, large-scale electrical machinery and high-power electronic converters. Find out how to generate power from renewable resources and design battery-powered vehicles.

Electronics & Electromagnetics

Get involved with microwave electronic design, antenna and microwave component design, computational electromagnetics, superconducting and ultra-high speed electronics and integrated circuits.

Computers & Control

Learn how to design and build digital systems and microcomputers to control almost any device, from automatic irrigation systems to aircraft autopilots and satellites targeting their cameras on the ground.

Signal Processing & Machine Learning

Signals include speech, radio waves and television images -they are literally everywhere! Study signals’ behaviour and use computers to process them. You will also learn how to create mathematical aids to understand these.

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