Prospective postgraduates

The Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering offers postgraduate training to local and international students in the following disciplines:

Control Systems, Satellite Systems, Biomedical Electronics, Electrical Energy, Smart Grid Technology, Computational Electromagnetics, Microwaves and Antennas, Computer Systems, Telecommunications, Signal Processing and Machine Learning.

The postgraduate activity in the Department is the biggest engineering research activity in South Africa and offers students access to very advanced laboratories and facilities. Research is performed in close cooperation with local industry as well as international partners.

Students not currently enrolled at Stellenbosch University should contact Mr Larry Morkel, at for more information.

What degree programmes are offered by the Department?

What is the language policy of the Department?

Our department offers one Master’s programme, namely the MEng (in Electrical OR Electronic Engineering) and a new Structured MEng in Smart Grid Technology, in Electrical Engineering.

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Postgraduate modules (courses)

Upgrading from Master’s to PhD programme

Maximum period of enrollment

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering runs a large Doctoral programme. Two programmes are offered, namely the PhD and the DEng.

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The research activities of the department can be divided into the following broad research divisions:

Computers & Control (Robotics)

Electrical Energy Systems

Electronics & Electromagnetics

Signal Processing & Machine Learning

South African Students

International Students

Registration procedures (all students)
Apart from officially applying to our department and the university, students will have to register at the start of each year. The university offers two opportunities for registration; one in the first semester (up to 31 March) and one in the second semester (up to 31 July).

New students will have to register in person at the office of the Faculty Secretary after receiving notification by letter and/or e-mail. You will need to present your original degree certificate(s). Doctoral applications are only finalised after Senate approval.

Current students should register at the start of each year, either online or in person at the office of the Faculty Secretary. Students who failed to show progress in the previous year will not be allowed to re-register (see yearly evaluations).

For more information, please contact Larry Morkel. You can also obtain more information on the University website for postgraduate studies.